Hanji Edition’s newest book (Ogansaek, 2024) features five works on hanji by Korean American artists. Both contemporary themes of the diasporic experience and traditional symbols and colors merge in this artist book.

Pat Kim x Hanji Edition

A special collaboration with New York-based designer/artist to produce a limited edition series of moire prints. This edition is now sold out.

Hanji Edition 2021

The second volume in a collaborative artist series, with an international roster of five artists whose work engages a range of hanji applications: calligraphy, natural dyes, polychrome woodcut, cast hanji and weaving.

Hanji Edition 2018

Our first portfolio featuring five prints by North American artists on hanji. Processes include: letterpress, intaglio, mokuhanga, giclée, chine collé and painting. This edition is now sold out.

Hangeul Prints

Letterpress prints of the Korean alphabet, available in different ink colors on a variety of types of hanji.