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About Hanji Edition


Hanji Edition was founded by two Korean American printmakers, Steph Rue and Lars Kim, who share a passion for Korean print and papermaking. As traditional hanji mills in Korea rapidly decline, our goal is to introduce artists and art appreciators to the beauty and versatile potential of hanji as a substrate for print, painting, calligraphy, weaving, sculpture and more. Feel free to follow us on Instagram.

Lars Kim

Lars Kim is a designer and letterpress printer living in Portland, Oregon. After completing studies at Bryn Mawr College and the University of Copenhagen, she worked in architecture and new media before stumbling upon a Heidelberg Windmill in 2006. Over the next 14 years, she managed the print and paper studio at Logos Graphics in San Francisco, where she discovered the tactile beauty of letterpress and dove into the technical aspects of print (offset, letterpress, screen print, and intaglio), along with both Eastern and Western styles of hand papermaking and fine bookbinding. Lars also teaches design at the San Francisco Center for the Book, where she produced an artist’s book on Korean symbols of longevity (Shipjangsaengfor the Small Plates Imprint program in 2017.

As an independent scholar, Lars investigates East Asian typography and the transmission of early printing technologies along the Silk Road. She is an advisory council member of the Holes in the Wall Collective and a member of From Jikji to Gutenberg, a UNESCO-supported transnational project which seeks to promote cultural democracy within historical printing narratives for a global audience. Her current research involves analysis of the Korean movable type collections at the Newberry Library and the Library of Congress. She also works on a range of commercial and private graphic/web design projects through her freelance practice, Solsken Design. You can find her work on Instagram.

Steph Rue

Steph Rue is an artist working primarily with handmade paper and books as her medium. She fell in love with the papermaking process while getting her MFA at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. She went on to study traditional Korean bookbinding, papermaking, and printing in South Korea on a Fulbright Research Grant in 2015-2016. Steph is one of the founders of the Korean American Artist Collective and a member of the Book/Print Artist/Scholar of Color Collective. She teaches workshops and classes on papermaking, bookmaking, and related arts, with an emphasis on East Asian techniques. When she is not teaching or with her two young kids, she makes, prints, binds, weaves, and collages with paper out of her home studio in Sacramento, CA. Steph also sells hanji and related products. You can see Steph’s work at stephrue.com, read about her research on Korean book and paper arts at stephruejournal.wordpress.com, or follow her on Instagram @sjrue.